Hello my dear friends and fellows! Welcome back to my space Dish Of Delight once again!
Cold drinks, ice creams, chilled food, etc., are the things which knocks our mind repeatedly during the hot days of the summer. In such situations, a quick and easy to make cold drinks made out of fresh fruit juices is always the best idea to quench your thirst and far more better than the store bought carbonated beverages.
Today I am sharing the recipe of one of such cold drinks made of fresh fruit juices. So, here is the easy recipe for home made fresh chilled Pomegranate Crusher.


Pomegranate juice 400 ml ( I have used homemade juice but you can also use readymade pomegranate juice available at the stores )
Soda water as per need
Pomegranate pearls 2 tbsp
Mint leaves 6 or 7
Lemon 1 cut into wedges
Ice cubes 4 or 5
Black salt as per taste
Chaat masala 1 tsp


• Take the pomegranate pearls, mint leaves, lemon wedges, black salt and chaat masala in a long steel glass and muddle them a little with a muddler or a long wooden spoon
• Now equally divide the mixture content of the steel glass into 2 parts and add them into 2 serving glasses
• Take the ice cubes in the same steel glass and crush them a little. add equal portions the crushed ice cubes into serving glasses
• Fill in a little more than half of the glasses with the pomegranate juice and the remaining part with soda water.
• Give them a little stir and Enjoy fresh chilled Pomegranate Crusher at home.