Hello my dear friends and fellows! Welcome back to my space Dish Of Delight once again!
In my early post I have shared the recipe for making Patishapta Pithe with Kheer. Today I am sharing the recipe for making Carrot Patishapta i.e Patishapta Pithe with carrot filling. These bengali desserts were originally made with the coconut filling but later on people started making it with kheer fillings. Nowadays, Patishaptas are made with variety of fillings as per their choices.
So, today I chose carrots for making the filling for these wonderful bengali dessert Patishapta. Try it out at your kitchen and I can say that you will love these.
Let’s take a look at the recipe for making Carrot Patishapta.


For making the crepe batter:

All purpose flour or Maida 2 and 3/4th of a cup
Semolina or sooji or rava 1/4th of a cup
Rice flour 1/4th of a cup
Dates palm jaggery or sugar as per taste ( I have used dates palm jaggery)
Salt about 1 pinch
Milk 350 to 400 ml

For making the filling mixture:

Carrot 400 gm grated
Khoya or milk solids 200 gm grated
Sugar as per taste
Cardamom 3 or 4 crushed or ½ tsp powdered
Milk ½ cup
Ghee 2 tbsp

( here 1 cup = 120 ml )


• In a large mixing bowl, take all purpose flour, semolina, rice flower, salt and mix well
• Then add milk little by little along with constant mixing until the batter consistency is such that it is neither to thin nor too thick, somewhat like a pancake batter
• Add jaggery and again mix well until the jaggery melts and evenly mixes with the batter. Now cover the batter and rest it for about an hour
• Heat a non stick pan at medium flames. Once heated, add ghee and let it heat
• Then, add the grated carrots and stir and cook for a minute and then cover and cook for 1 or 2 minutes
• Remove cover, add the sugar and mix well. On adding sugar the carrots will release lots of juices
• Now increase the flames to medium high and cook the carrots uncovered with occasional stirring, until most of the juices evaporates
• Once most of the juices of the carrots have evaporated, add milk and mix well. Reduce the flames to medium low and cover and cook for 3 to 5 minutes
• Then open cover, stir well and then add the grated khoya. Stir and mix well
• Keep on stirring and mixing the mixture until the khoya melts and evenly mixes with the carrots and it stops sticking to the pan. Do not make the mixture too dry
• At this stage switch of the flames and transfer the mixture into a bowl or plate
• Now check the consistency of the batter if its too thick add a little more milk to bring to the right consistency like that of a pancake batter
• Place a nonstick pan or tawa on medium flames and let heat. Once it is heated, brush a thin layer of oil on it and drop in a small ladle full of the batter at a centre of the pan
• With the back of the ladle spread the batter to make a small thin circular disc shape. Wait for few seconds or until the crepe is 70% cooked, and then place the carrot mixture on on side of the crepe
• Start folding the crepe from the side containing the carrot mixture to make a roll. Once rolled, transfer the roll to a tray or plate
• One Carrot Patishapta is done. Follow the same process to make all the patishaptas
• Let these cool down completely and the enjoy Carrot Patishapta with your family.