Hello my dear friends and fellows! Welcome back to my space Dish Of Delight once again!
Fruits are storehouse of vitamins and minerals. These are important part of our diet. Consuming a whole fruit is always a better way of having fruits, but who would not like to have some chilled fruit juice during a hot sunny day of the summer. However, having fresh fruit juice prepared at home is a better option than having some readymade fruit juice available at market. So, today I am sharing a simple recipe of Muskmelon juice. Let’s take a look at the recipe.


Muskmelon 1 medium sized, peeled and cut into pieces
Honey 2 to 3 tbsp or as per taste
Ice cubes 4 or 5


β€’ Take the muskmelon pieces, ice cubes and honey in a juicer and make the juice
β€’ Put 2 or 3 ice cubes in a glass and then pour the muskmelon juice into it and enjoy fresh chilled muskmelon juice.